The Center was created with the belief that engineering was a true STEM discipline, requiring knowledge and ability in math and science as well as an understanding of technology to create the human-made world. All of our projects require an engineering mindset, particularly introducing design as a critical problem solving skill. The idea of framing learning as an engineering design challenge, for the teacher, as well as the student is something we use in creating activities, professional development strategies, writing proposals, a way of life. We use informed engineering design for creating activities as noted under that section, however it is with an engineering design mindset that we approach problem solving. Engineering faculty and some science and math faculty who have been involved with various projects have incorporated this strategy as a pedagogical approach in their teaching. Dr. Burghardt particularly features this approach in the courses he teaches, particularly Children’s Engineering and Foundations of the Human- Made World.

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Informed Design Pedagogical Framework

  • Broadly applies across disciplines
  • Knowledge & Skill Builder approach


Hofstra’s BA/MA Elementary Ed: STEM

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  • Uniquely meeting needs of STEM teachers


Hofstra’s Fred DeMatteis School of Engineering of Applied Science

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