From the very beginning of our research in STEM, actually MST at the time of the Center’s creation, we were interested in using engineering design. The first two projects that we were awarded featured engineering design (New York State Technology Education Network (NYSTEN) and Mathematics, Science, Technology in the Elementary School (MSTe)) and the use of an engineering design portfolio. We felt that we needed a more robust pedagogical approach and this led to the development of informed engineering design, created as part of the New York State Collaborative in Advanced Technological Education (NYSCATE). Using Knowledge and Skill Builders (KSBs) that link to content knowledge required for the design challenge was one of the key elements of informed design. We developed a prototype activity, Drying by Design, that was an integrated STEM unit, as gaining science, mathematics and technology knowledge was essential to completing the challenge of designing a food dehydrator. Informed engineering design has been a feature of our research going forward and is included in the texts we have written (Engineering and Technology Education—Learning by Design, and Engineering and Technology) as well as in projects funded since the early 2000’s. Here are some publications associated with informed engineering design:

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